Saturday, June 26, 2010

Those Lovely Fuschias

Today, we went to the Wilhelma in Stuttgart, the only Zoological Garden in Germany that offers a unique combination of fabulous architecture, flora and fauna. It was different this time around because I am the photographer. I have full control of Niki so that I can just shoot away. 

The flowers of summer are in bloom this time around in Wilhelma and you will find below some of the photos that I took while we were there. I am not a good photographer but I hope you like my shots.

I was particularly interested in the one that they called the Fuschia or Fuschia flower. There was an entire house solely dedicated for this shruby kind of flower, majority of which are native to South and Central America. These exotic flowers have two-tone brilliant colors and are quite delicate so that they are best grown in hanging baskets. 

They are popular garden shrubs and are low maintenance, which means that they can live for years with a minimum amount of care. The original pronunciation from the word's Germany origins is "fook-sya" but most English speakers tend to say "fyusha".

Lovely flowers aren't they? They make perfect gifts. They are great as floral arrangement for weddings too. When I finally get the chance to build our very own home, I would definitely create my own garden with lots of fuschias in it.

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Tina said...

Wow.. I am glad I found a blogger from Germany. I am currently in Berlin but went to Munich early this week.

I love all your photos.. we went today to a weekend market and the flowers are simply amazing.

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