Wednesday, October 27, 2010

To Relax and Chill Inside the House

Looking for a good place to stay, where you can relax and chill, at no extra cost? There is only place to go: your living room. If you feel like your living room is too crowded or too messed up that just sitting in your couch stresses you out, then I guess it is high time for you to change and rearrange how your living room should look.

Even if your living room is small, you can still make it inviting and relaxing by putting in the right accents, furniture, and color. Remember that less is more so try not to put so many things in your living room. I'd say put in the basics first. To start with, you could use a good modern sofa that looks so relaxing and inviting, you would always just want to be nestled in it.

Then add some character to your living room with a rug. Rugs can help eliminate noise, helps keep your feet warm and softens the look of your floor. But don't use them if you have a compact space because it will limit how you position your sofa. Create contrasts by using the color scheme of your sofa on different textures and materials. You can for example combine the old and new for that rustic look. Add storage spaces that are functional and expressive and try to arrange your books according to color to achieve that harmonious look. You can then add a few more things: personal mementos, plants, candles to complete the look. Then you now have a place you can officially call your haven inside the house.

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Unknown said...

wow, a new sofa is number 1 on my wish list this christmas:)

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