Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Golden October

It's officially AUTUMN and I like the beginning of this season here in Germany because most of the greens turn wonderful hues of yellow. If in Japan the landscape turns red with its maple trees or momiji, here in Germany the landscape turns into a beautiful golden color, thus the name Golden October or Goldener Oktober as it is more properly called.

This is the only photo that I managed to take this month. I must admit I have been quite lazy when it comes to taking photographs lately. I guess with so many things going on for me, I keep forgetting to bring my camera along. But I know I should take photos soon because October is about to end. Come November, the trees will be bare and stripped of its leaves and the days will be dark, gloomy, cold and rainy. The landscape would change dramatically. It won't be such a beautiful sight but a sad one come November.

I wish I could see Heidelberg at this time of the year too. I heard that because of its favorable climate, the foliage is also very dramatic and romantic. I want to be there again before it gets too cold so that we can still enjoy the scenery outside and have a picnic along the banks of the River Neckar. 

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zoan said...

super nice nman ng pic :) autumn na autumn nga, kelan ko kaya makikita in person yang lugar na yan at ma experience ang autumn :)

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