Sunday, October 3, 2010

How To Hide Tummy Fat

Many women, especially those who are overweight and those who have given birth to one or more children, always complain of having bulging tummies. The only way to lose them? Try to lose weight fast by really exercising and dieting regularly.

While you are working on losing weight, you can temporarily hide those tummy fat by wearing the right underwear. Try wearing a double pair pantyhose with a control top. The good thing about this type of undergarment is that the control top of the hose does not only hide your bulges but also let you hold your stomach in. There are also the more expensive seamless body shaper, which can snugly fit into your body, thus providing you an illusion of a tighter tummy.

Work on having the correct posture too. Most people suffer bulging tummies because of poor posture. If you try to improve your posture, you are also able to hide the large area of your stomach. Remember the saying, "breast out, stomach in"? The trick always works. Be conscious of how you stand. Don't slouch. Throw back your shoulders when walking or standing, and make sure your abdominal muscles are pulled. This technique is quite hard at first but with regular practice, you'll eventually get the hang of it. Do other exercises that target posture as this can greatly help you with your tummy-hiding techniques.

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zoan said...

having a correct posture helps in avoiding osteoporosis din diba? like if you are sitting or standing dapat iwasan ang pag slouch :D para maganda tingnan.

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