Thursday, October 21, 2010

GT: Thrilling Page Turners

I have been missing a lot on Girls Talk. That I am. And I didn't even realize that this month's theme is BOOKWORM... Not until today! Ugh! Someone hit me on the head, please. Being the bookworm that I am, I know that I wouldn't want to miss a single entry this month had I known the theme earlier. But past is past. So here I am, trying to make up for the lost time by posting my entry for Thrilling Page Turners

I do enjoy reading Sidney Sheldon and I think the first book I ever read Windmills of the Gods. Other books followed. But Marce Kaye, the gracious host of this meme already had all of Sheldon's books so I had to pick another author and that will have to be Nora Roberts. 

Although Nora Roberts is a romantic author at best, she also writes romantic suspense novels. What I love about this author is that she allows her readers to get to know not only the heroine but also of the hero. Her books featured a more in-depth characterization of the hero, because "the books are about two people, and readers should be allowed into the heads and hearts of both." I really find her heroines very endearing, and strong and I think the first I ever read from her novels was from The Stanislaskis series, Falling for Rachel. I fell in love with her characters since then. I have yet to read the In Death series though and I am sure it will be worth my time. Anyone owns a Nora Roberts book? Would really love to know which copy you own so we could exchange books. Promise to return it in the condition when I received it.

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MJ Rodriguez said... parang Mary Higgins Clark ang dating ni Nora Roberts.

I'll check her books out at the library.

Earth said...

oh yeah! i'm a NORA ROBERTS collector myself..

zoan said...

parati ko naririnig yang Nora Roberts na yan kaso wala akong ganang magbasa akala ko kasi puro lang romance ehehe

K said...

like zoan, i haven't read any of roberts' books kasi akala ko din purely romance books lang ang sinusulat nya. well, you changed my views. i have several nora roberts ebooks, will start reading it on my break :D

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