Thursday, October 14, 2010

Case Solved

I once lived in Japan and found it amazing how almost every street, elevator, train station and buildings have their surveillance cameras. It could make you feel secure but could sometimes make you feel uneasy because every move you make is caught on camera.

It has lots of advantages though because it has helped solved lots of crimes, even those that have been proven to be difficult to solve. I remember this one report when a body was found by the river bank and there were no known witnesses because the crime happened at night. Thanks to the many street surveillance and security cameras, the police and investigators were able to trace the date and time the crime took place and were able to get a screenshot of the face of the culprit. When the culprit was apprehended and asked why he did it, he just said "just because". He was put behind bars and the case was closed.

It makes me tremble each time I remember that news. And because I am a mother, I see to it that our main door and all the windows are securely closed. Our current apartment building doesn't have a surveillance camera. And although the neighborhood is safe, I still wish there was one. You never can tell what's going on in people's minds these days.

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zoan said...

having surveillance cameras have its own advantages and disadvantages talaga :) tsaka if only the Phils can afford to put surveillance cameras in order to avoid more crimes

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