Friday, October 29, 2010

Mommy Moments: Before and After

It is amazing how kids grow so fast these days. One time you just hold them in one arm, so serene and fragile and the next thing you know, they are running around the house, screaming and giving shouts of laughter, or insisting that they be allowed to do this or that.

 Before: At five months old.

Now: My little Samantha at 2 years and 8 months.

But whatever the case, I just feel so blessed to be given the opportunity to really raise her on my own. Not all mommies are as lucky as me. I really cannot complain about anything because I was able to savor and experience my little girl since conception. Perhaps you could say that I am content. Looking at her photographs before and now always leaves a smile and a hint of laughter on my face because you can really see the changes.

I've been trying to finish my little girl's Photobook and I have just finished doing the first year. I have yet to do the 2nd year though. You may check out my output here. I hope you all like it!

mommy moments


Unknown said...

i can relate w/ you. i've raised my 3kids on my own, never get to hire full yaya for them. it was soooo tough, but looking at them now, I CRIED, blissfully:)

seth said...

Having to experience and witness all their milestones is really a very fulfilling moments for us mothers....

Mel_Cole said...

She is so adorable!

My Mommy Moments here

kimmy said...

ohh! so cute!

zoan said...

oh my, I think I miss this MM topic last friday :( I am so busy with my business last friday :( yes, i agree with you that not all mommies can find the time to raise their children on their own.

Chris said...

i think i want to do a photobook of my kids soon too :) thanks for joining us this week marce!

Mommy Liz said...

Totoo ka dyan Mare, ang bilis ng panahon. hay..minsan na mimiss ko ang pagiging baby ng mga anak ko, and I am getting scared na lumalaki na sila, eventually they would have their own lives, wahhhhh!

MJ Rodriguez said...

i also have baby books for my kids. i finished my eldest's book when she turned 6. my youngest is now 7 and i have yet to finish her book, lol.

passing by for MM!

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