Friday, October 29, 2010

Paris or Orlando?

Just for the sake of argument, where is a good place to go for a Christmas vacation: Paris, France or Orlando Florida? Both have Disneyland and we are planning to spend a few days in Disneyland for Christmas.. just because. We have already been to Paris so a Parisian tour is out of the question. But a vacation in Orlando? That I have yet to check in my checklist of places to go. I actually have an aunt who lives in Florida and she even invited us to come over and visit. She also said she will take us to Disneyland there.  

If you do not need to take into consideration the distance, the airfare and the VISA that we need to secure before we can actually fly to the US, Orlando holds a lot of promise because it not only has Disneyland but also the Universal Studios and  Sea World theme parks. But taking all those that I recently mentioned, it would be more practical and more convenient for us to visit Disneyland Paris. 

So that's settled then. The only question remaining is this: Do I have a budget for such a vacation?


zh3en22 said...

Paris will be my choice. Anyhow, have a safe trip to Orlando.

zoan said...

we celebrate Christmas with the family and in our home only. HIndi ko pa naisip na pwde pala mg Christmas Vacation anywhere.:) and the problem would be the same with you, if ever may budget ako for that. ehehe

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