Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TCP#54: Now That I Have You

Hello Couchers! Welcome to the August 31st edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes. I know this entry is way too late. But I can't help the circumstances. I have been computer-less since Friday evening until today because of PC problems. Hubby had to buy me a new hard disk and a new OS just so I could get back to blogging. I really do apologize for the delay. I hope I won't have technical problems ever again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

So this is the last Tuesday and the last day of the month and we end it with the theme: A Filipino Movie. Most of the Couchers are of Filipino blood that's why I had this theme in mind. Now it's a bit confusing as to what movie I would post for this week because I do have a collection of Filipino movies in my external hard drive.  Should I post drama, love story, or romantic comedies?

I have a confession to make though. I am a great Bea-John Lloyd fan. I just love their chemistry... seeing them together reminds me of my younger days when I day dream and used to have a great crush on someone. Hehehe!I know it's corny but I feel homesick sometimes so that I tend to watch these movies at home, armed with iced tea or hot chocolate (depending on the weather) and my bean bag.

So my pick for this week will be: Now That I Have You, a 2004 romance movie from Star Cinema. It stars of cource, Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz. She starts her day looking for him among the faceless crowd of the train station... He doesnt even know she exists... or does he? Betsy and Michael are only two of the thousands of commuters riding the MRT everyday. They dont know each other but they both board on the same stations. Betsy is a hopeless romantic while Michael is a non-believer in love and romance. Betsy thought Michael is Mr Right but when they finally meet, he turns out to be the exact opposite of her ideal man yet she still allowed herself to fall in love with him.

I think this was the first Filipino movie that I watched since living abroad making this a memorable one. SInce then, I watched countless others at home, with or without hubby because he is not so much into these movie genres. It's just for fun and although it could get pretty corny and mushy sometimes, I must admit it allowed me to relax and smile a little and forget that I am living in a foreign land.

So what's your Filipino movie? Come share it with us by adding your TCP link in the linky below.

Next week, we will post our FAVORITES. So for September 7, our theme will be Favorite Brad Pitt movie. Thanks for joining us this week Couchers! I hope to see you again next week for another edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes!


Vera said...

I love Bea and JLC! I think I saw every movie they made together, along with all seryes they starred in. Hehe. :)

dondi045 said...

Nice post! BTW I grab your badge hope you will grab mine too.

Mommy Liz said...

ay napanood ko to, nag cute. nakaka inlove..

anne said...

Yeah I saw this but I really not into Bea I dont know although she really act well hehehe

Rossel said...

hindi ko alam kung napanood ko na ito sis. di ko matandaan. siguro tignan ko trailer nito. hindi ako fan ni bea at john lloyd pero effective talaga silang couple. bagay na bagay sila.

kim said...

hahaha! yes, i think we want to relive the romance of our youth from time to time..

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