Friday, August 27, 2010

Mommy Moments: She Loves Toys

My little girl loves to play. She would play with just about anything: dolls, blocks, musical toys, balls, cars and puzzles. She enjoys playing with her toys every now and then, sometimes alone, sometimes with me. She finds joy in these little things and allows her to develop her motor skills. 

She loves to play in the sand. Unfortunately for her, I don't take her out too often so that she would take as much time as she wants in the sand boxes in a nearby playground when I am in the mood to take her out.

She received lots of toys when she turned two but she easily gets tired of playing them. Perhaps, this is the case for most kids. When the novelty and the appeal is gone, they put the toy aside and will only play with them once in a while. 

This was her favorite before she learned that there are bigger and more exciting slides. She was content sitting on top of this mini slide and would say "wheeee!!" as she slides herself down. Today, she would improvise. She would ask me to make a slide out of the fleece blanket, the small pillows and the sofa. I had to oblige because it is always a delight to see her sliding happily.

Samantha is fond of toy cellphones. But instead of buying toy phones for her, I gave her Hubby's old broken cellphones. She enjoys using them as she plays make believe. Pretending as if somebody's calling her and giving her instructions. She would say hello, speak for a while, nod her hear and say "okay" in agreement to what her imaginary caller was saying and will say "tschuss" or "babye". 
That's my little girl. Creating fun in whatever she gets her hands on.

mommy moments


Chris said...

you have a creative little girl there~ :D happy friday!

Bambie ★ said...

Same sila ni Anzu hehe.. pero di lang mahilig sya mahilig sa dolls, mas gusto nya teddy bears or dog stuff toy.. I miss Sam.. ang laki na nya siguro ngayon.

kimmy said...

wow! very cute toys. love them!

Chris said...

marce, please link me up at TCP.. is my post for this week :)

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