Saturday, August 14, 2010

Should I Make The Switch?

I have been blogging for sometime now. I immensely enjoy it. In fact, since I started blogging a little over two years ago, I now author four blogs. Two are hosted free and the other two, with their own domain names. They are all written in blogger platform. I find it very easy to use although my first ever blog was in the WP platform.

Now I have been thinking: should I make the switch or do I create an entirely new blog with it's own blog hosting? Many of my blogging friends recommend that I just create a new one instead of switching because it is easier that way. The problem with switching is that you could lose your page rank, your post archives and comments, and a number of other technical problems.

I of course wouldn't want to lose my page ranks because I know how difficult it is to earn them. Perhaps I should just follow their advice. I have also heard about bloggers having problems with their blog hosts so that it is important to be careful and find a reliable and credible blog hosting, making it necessary to make a research of my own.

But with my hands quite full at the moment, a new blog would simply have to wait.


rjs mama said...

I too have the same dilemma. This blogging thinggy is not as easy as other people say it is... :)

happy weekend :)

Vera said...

It all really depends on you, and what you're after. I switched platforms from blogger to WP and didn't really get to keep up with the old blogger blog so it eventually lost its PR. The WP, on the other hand, started out very strong in terms of PR, but lost it in a few months eventually. not sure what I did there. But I've since learned to move on from PR and obsessing over it. So whether to switch or start from scratch is all the same to me. I hope you find the solution that fits you :)

Mys said...

I want to have one in wp too. wah. but I'm scared of the hosting charges.

Anonymous said...


Due to the latest GoogIe update we are working on cleaning up the links to our website Therefore we would like to kindly ask you to remove our link on your website (URL):

We believe that would help both sides to rank up higher in Google and don’t get penalized by next updates.

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Kind regards

Andrew Kurtis

Unknown said...


I was just wondering if you got last 2 emails about my request for link removal?

Kind regards
Andrew Kurtis

kamz said...

Hello Andrew,

The link has been removed as requested. Sorry it took a while.

All the best, Kikamz

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