Friday, August 27, 2010

Go "Blind" for that Natural Homey Feel

It is hot these days. In tropical countries, it always is. The sun smiles strongly upon the earth that sometimes, the heat can be unbearable. You would wish you could just hide in the shade and down a glass of iced tea just to cool off. Or perhaps go out to the malls to enjoy the free air conditioning while window shopping. But going out can be expensive. Even if you don't buy anything, you still need to pay for your fare and refreshments should you get hungry. Don't you just wish that your very own home were a haven for the summer heat?

I know... you would think: you are going to spend on creating the mood in your house anyway, so why bother? Creating a cool and relaxing atmosphere in your home need not be expensive. It all needs a little inspiration, the right accessories and accents to your existing furniture and of course, blinds.You may not know it but these horizontal things go a long way. It does help you in achieving the mood that you want to create without having to be entirely in the dark. They come in various colors, materials and sizes so you can choose which works best. Wooden blinds, for instance, work well in the bathroom and in the living room. The natural feel that they provide helps to calm and relax. Fabric sliding panels in the bedrooms create that soft and dramatic feeling.

I would prefer to just stay at home on a hot summer day. Although we don't have an air conditioning in the house because it is very expensive to install one (the operating costs could kill you), I would still prefer to just lounge around the house. It's all about the mood baby!

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