Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Five Months And Counting...

It`s amazing how time flies. The first time I held her, she was soooo fragile and tiny at 2275 grams that I was afraid to hold her because I might break her. But everyday, she grows and proves to be a very healthy and active baby. She would kick to her heart's content, grip my fingers like she was holding on to it for dear life, wails like a 2-year old when she is feeling all grumpy, pays very close attention when you read her stories and sing lullabies, and just beams at you when she recognizes your face.

I know that all mommies like me who are fortunate enough to raise their children full-time would agree when I say that nothing compares to the experience of being able to see your baby grow each day and witness her firsts. All the sleepless nights, exhaustion and the pounds gained during pregnancy was all worth it!Â

Sam is turning a month older on the 28th and my, how much has she grown since then! She is now such a delight to me and her daddy - she giggles a lot now and babble different sounds, holds her hands together and even tries to stand up when we hold her up. Sometimes, I can`t believe that I would be able to raise her without any relatives close by to call on except my husband. When I hold her in my arms and see how much she has grown, I realize that indeed I am so lucky to have her.

But seeing her grow up so fast, I sometimes say to her, "Sam, please don't grow up too soon!" It`s not that I don`t want her to grow up. It`s just that I would be missing the days when I can hold her in my arms and the days when she is so dependent on me and her daddy. So now that she is still a baby, I bask in the pleasure of being able to take care of all her needs and keep many good memories of it so that when she grows up, I will be able to share with her the joys (and the pains that go with it) of raising her.

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thebeadedlily said...

You express your love for her so beautifully. She fortunate to have you for a mommy!

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