Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sam's Firsts

She is Samantha Ysabelle, our firstborn. She is our source of joy, strength and comfort. She is such a delight to all of us! Because I love to document stuff, I always take note of our baby`s milestones. Here are some of them:


Sam came out into this world one cool afternoon in Tokyo. I gave birth to her on February 28, 2008 at 1:30pm Tokyo time. This is how she looked then: very tiny and still wrinkly. :)

first ride

031108. This is Sam on her first ride home. We were discharged from the hospital on March 11. Her ninang, Ms. Zhera Ochiai, offered to give us a ride home.


032508. This is Sam`s first passport picture. She looks just so adorable here, it makes me want to hug her tight!

first check-up

040208. She is now all dressed up for her first check-up. She just turned a month old and she is now ready for her pedia check.

first cam smile

042208. Sam`s first camera smile. Nope, she is not camera shy. It`s just that, she stops smiling when she sees the camera out of curiosity. But finally, after numerous attempts, I was able to capture her smile. She was playing then with her small furry friends.

1st day out

042608. Sam`s Firs Day Out (doctor visits not included) was on a trip to Hakkeijima`s Sea Paradise. Although she was still very small then, just almost two months old, I think she enjoyed the fresh sea breeze... not to mention the furry sea friends that we brought home with us. I am sure, she will enjoy Sea Paradise on coming visits since she will now be able to appreciate the different marine shows and marine creatures.

bcg mark

052908. This is Sam`s immunization mark from her BCG. It looks a bit odd.. with 18 pricks in all, very much different in the Philippines where I came from. When the doctor gave the BCG, Sam was crying very hard I embraced her and whispered soothing words into her ears. I had to stop myself from crying too. My poor little baby!

1st hold 1st grab

062008. Yay! She now knows how to hold them little things... I was experimenting on whether she can grab on to things given her and she succeeded!

pacifier suck

062908. She finally figured out how to use the pacifier the first time I gave it to her. Smart girl! But I don`t always give it to her.. I only use it as the last resort after I have tried all kinds of ways to soothe and comfort her.


070308. The first time I heard Sam giggle, I was so happy! I didn`t quite expect her to giggle and laugh knowing that she just came from bouts of crying. I wasn`t even sure how to hush her because I was already tired and hungry. But all of that vanished when I heard her first giggles! I even recorded her giggles so that her Daddy can also hear. She is just such a joy now that she`s four months old! I am sure there will be more milestones from this day onwards.

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