Monday, July 21, 2008

Those Lovely Yukatas


It`s summer time once again... For many, summer is an awaited season of matsuris (summer festival) and hanabi (fireworks displays). For most young Japanese, it`s also the time to take out from the closets those yukatas (Japanese traditional summer kimono) to beat off the summer heat. These kimonos are made of cotton and are very thin so that they are very comfortable to be worn during the hot Japanese summer. They come in different bright colors and floral patterns for women, and the simpler designs and dark colors for men.

A woman`s yukata also has an obi, a wide belt that is worn high, on the height of the stomach, to conceal the natural figure of a woman. To complete the look, the woman wears a geta (sandals) and dons a purse and paper fan.

But just how exactly is a yukata worn? Like the traditional kimono, there are steps to wearing this summer outfit. TyraW2686 from YouTube shows us how.


thebeadedlily said...

Do you wear one? They’re so beautiful!

kamz said...

@ thebeadedlily:
i haven’t tried wearing one… but will definitely wear one soon. i have yet to buy my own set of yukata. :D

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