Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Commenting To The Higher Level

Yup! Commenting just got into a higher level. The word is out: Entrecard is on to something really HUGE! and SezWho is the reason. That`s right! Entrecard has taken commenting on blogs into the next level through SezWho. Through this partnership, bloggers and commenters alike will be rewarded for posting quality blogs and comments.  Not only that, it will enable SezWho-enabled users to have their posts noticed. It`s like having a niche in this vast world of blogging.

Although quite new to the world of blogging, installing the plug-in in my Blogger blogs was quite easy. I have yet to install it in this blog though since the plug-in for Wordpress MU is not yet available. I do hope they release it soon!

I am not just in it for the rewards. I`m in it more for the feedback of my "readers". Where are they by the way? And these kinds of competitions are just the thing to encourage struggling youngbloods like me to continue blogging, meet fellow bloggers and learn more about the blogosphere.

As for Entrecard, thanks a lot guys for coming up with competitions like this one! You sure know how to reward your members for all their hardwork.

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thebeadedlily said...

My Sezwho account still isn’t working. Blogger folks are haivng a tough time of it, at least some of us:( Hope your experience goes better!

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