Monday, February 21, 2011

Who is Sophie's Father?

I really enjoyed watching Mama Mia, the 2008 musical romantic comedy film adapted from the 1999 musical of the same title. The songs from the popular group ABBA, which also happened to be one of my fave pop group of all time, made the movie more endearing, colorful and alive.

The story is about Sophie Sheridan, the 20-year old bride-to-be who finds that her father can possibly any of the three men mentioned in her mother's diary: Sam, Harry and Bill. I bet life would have been easier if she just subjected them for a paternity testing. But then again, that would take away all the thrill and the excitement that ensues after all the three men came to the island where the wedding is to take place.

Of course, any bride would want her own father to walk her down the aisle and the needy Sophie is not an exemption. She also dreams on having her father walk her to the altar on her wedding day. Unknown to Sky, her groom, Sophie invites the three men to her wedding in the Greek Kalokairi Island as if she were her mother Donna. Sophie believes she will immediately recognize her father in the trio of guests. When her mother Donna sees her former three lovers together in her hotel, she gets stressed and confused with the situation while Sky is upset with Sophie's attitude. But there was a happy ending. 

The mystery still remains though: Who is Sophie's father? 

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