Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sorry, Haus!

Injuries and small accidents are a part of a little child's growing up years. As much as we parents want to protect our child from accidents and from being hurt, we can never tell when an accident will happen. No matter how we try to child proof our homes, we can never protect our children from getting injuries when they are outside of it.

My soon to be three year old Samantha is no stranger to bruises, small cuts and bumps here and there. She is an active little girl after all and would always run around the house whenever she feels the need to. Although she has very quick reflexes and can easily avoid the door jamb or chairs, she would eventually bump into especially if she is too engrossed at avoiding something else, like being caught by her Dad or being tickled by me. She was running around the house one time and was so excited to show me something that she slipped and smacked on the floor. She cried and said, "Awa, sakit." I rushed to her and comforted her and asked where it hurt and told her to be careful always. Then I scolded the rug and the floor. And then she said, "Sorry Haus", as an apology to the floor for hurting it. Isn't she a cutie?

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