Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Little Work Space

My eyes are bothering me again. I can't seem to study for long hours because my head would begin aching. Maybe from too much studying? I can't even work too long with the computer because my eyes would get watery after a couple of hours. Perhaps I don't have enough lighting here in our office room. Perhaps that is the reason. I only have a single light bulb here. I am lucky if I can work during the day because I can just roll up the blinds and light will come flooding into the room. But in the evenings and early mornings, the problem comes.

This is how my work desk looks like. This is where I spend most of my time when I am not in school and my little girl is in kindergarten and my husband is at the office. It really is a nice one. We purchased this one at Ikea and hubby and I had to work together for almost two hours because the assembly is quite complicated. All that is missing is a desklamp. I should purchase one. And soon. And perhaps I could also use an additional side table where I can study because there is not enough room for my notes and for writing on this one.

There is a coordinating writing table for this model and I don't really need a very big one. Just a table with enough space for me to work like the one in the second photo. It has been a while since we visited Ikea. I think it is about time we visit again. And oh, in case you are wondering, it's the Micke series of Ikea.


Divine RC said...

beautiful work desk! wish i could have one like that :-)

kamz said...

thanks divine! if there is an ikea shop in your area, you can readily get this one. or you can ask somebody to make one for you.

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