Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gotcha, Facebook!

Facebook has, yet again, made changes to the system. It has for the nth time, something new to offer its users. Before, it was the profiles and just when you are about to get used to it, something new comes along. This time, it is the photo viewing or slideshow. Notice the black background when you view photos and the forward and back arrows on the sides? I think they made these changes most probably because many complain of photos moving forward each time they click on the photo. What is annoying though is that when you right click on the photo, you cannot find "copy image location" and instead you will find back, "back, forward, etc..." How am I supposed to link photos from my Facebook albums to my blogs then? This is a puzzle that still remains to be solved...

Now one of the reasons why I upload lots of photos on Facebook is because I can easily use the images in my blogs by just copying the image location URL. And now, Facebook is making my life more difficult! I have already maxed out on my picasa web album where the photos that I upload directly on my blogs are being stored so Facebook was the next best thing for me to upload and share photos. What to do then?

I was trying out a way and perhaps most of you already know this. If you view photos and will be directed to the Theater slideshow, the one with the black background of the image, all you need to do is right click on the photo and select reload. Then the page will reload and bring you to the old Photo View version. Now you can get the image location and copy them by right clicking on the image. Cool huh? But of course, you would have already known about that. :D

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Pehpot said...

mare mag photobucket ka na lang.. 20 something lang a year. tas unlimited pa

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