Monday, February 21, 2011

She Can...

In a week, my little will be three years old. Sigh! How much she has grown in so many ways. She now understands and responds better. She knows when she needs to stop insisting and just obey. She can be asked to help in the house, like putting her toys back from where she got them, setting up the dining table for meal time, putting her cookie wrappers and empty joghurt cups into the trash bin. She can even walk the 800 meter distance from our home to the kindergarten every morning. She can remember lots of tunes and simple songs from the kindergarten and from the cartoons that she watches, although I hardly understand the words at all. She has indeed learned a lot from kindergarten.

She can even scratch my back if it gets too itchy and I cannot reach it. I think my back is too dry that it itches a lot. And pimples and some acne have grown too. I'd better get some back acne treatment fast before it gets worse. She can also massage our backs... or rather walk on it. She rather enjoys the balancing act that she needs to do while walking up and down our backs. She also reads a lot and can now remember lots of animals and things' names. Sometimes she would use the english word for it or the German word. She loves to ride buses and trains and doesn't mind the distance at all. She can already count from one to twelve in German without skipping a number.

I know my little girl still has a lot to learn but her little achievements are great in its own. And I am one proud Mommy!

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