Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hubby's Little Surprise

We don't really give Valentine's Day much of a fuss. As a rule, we treat Valentine's Day as a family day, which means spending time together at home. No great expectations of flowers and chocolates. The fact that we are together and the affirmation that each is loved are what count the most. Last night, I just asked Hubby that we buy take out from KFC on our way home from my doctor's appointment because I am already tired. So we did.

After dinner with our little girl, we watched Sweet Home Alabama and Runaway Bride on TV while our little girl was running and playing and singing around the house, putting back the clutter that I have cleared away that morning. To relax, Hubby took out his guitar and played a rather familiar tune. It wasn't the usual Canon D or Recuerdos dela Alhambra or Lagrima, but something that I know so dear in my heart because the song represents what my heart feels. I was helping him with his German assignment, or I was rather doing it for him, when he played the song. And I stopped midway through my writing and looked up at him and smiled. We didn't have to say a word because we knew.

And if you are curious as to what song he played, it was The Gift from Jim Brickman and Martina McBride. It was really a wonderful surprise that warmed my heart.

Thanks Hanhan for the gift. You and Samantha are the gifts... and I could not ask for more. Except maybe for another little Samantha or little Vincent to add more sunshine into our lives. :D I love you.


gemini said...

You are blessed to have a loving husband and a wonderful little girl. Truly they are "The Gift." God bless Kikamz.

clavs said...

Valentine's day is not only for boyfriend-girlfriend kind of thing but it's all for the family as well.

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