Saturday, February 19, 2011


My cousins surprised me with a video chat a few days ago. It was a surprise because it was the first time that we got to have a video chat via Skype. It was refreshing to see my cousins, even if only on video, after almost four years now. I got to tease one of them, who is still single and asked, "Wala gihapon te?" (Still haven't found him?" I would also have suggested that she try free online dating had she not mentioned that she'll be single forever. But even if single, I can say that she is happy, using and dedicating her talent through singing songs of praise and worship to the Lord. 

Then I teased another cousin and told her, why don't you get married already? Of which she answered, I'll get married tomorrow. It's already very late so tomorrow it is. Isn't she very pilosopo? And I also got to chat with one of my nieces who is now four years old. Time flies by so fast and she is so direct to the point in answering my questions. I asked her to share with me some of the braised pork that her mama was cooking and then she smartly answered, "why don't you cook yourself?" She is right, it would be impossible for her to share the food they have with me because I am very far away. 'Atta girl!

Writing this, I am missing my cousins and siblings even more. But at least, I still have other means to be with them. Like photos and FB and YM. And the nostalgia is lessened.

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