Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Want A HIWI Job

I know a few friends from Graduate School who are working as a HIWI, pronounced as he-vi) and I can't help but wish I had a HIWI job as well. HIWI is short for Hilfswissenschaftler and means student assistant. I am interested in getting one but I still haven't found one yet. I know there are lots of HIWI jobs available at the university and if I am only patient and diligent at finding one, I could get one. I have a problem though because I am on a dependent visa and my residence permit says that I cannot work without the permission from the Auländerbehörde, the public authority responsible for aliens like me.

As a general rule, students from Non-EU countries are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week as a Hiwi, plus 90 full or 180 half days per calendar year and this has to be approved explicitly in the passport and the entry should be made in the residence permit. It would be nice to earn something on my own because that would mean getting easy personal loans should emergencies arise.

I can only hope for now. A friend advised that I need to look for a Hiwi job first and then I can apply for a work permit for that particular job later. Let's wait and see.

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