Monday, February 21, 2011

Just When You Thought It's Over... unexpectedly comes back in full force.

Isn't it funny how things turn around? The IT I am referring to here is the snow. I thought they are gone and winter is over but we woke today to a very cold day, with fine snow nestled on tree branches, bushes, rooftops, on the ground, on our balcony, everywhere. And it looks like it's gonna snow the whole day. I just hope that it doesn't snow the entire week. Luckily, the weather forecasts says that the sun's gonna come the rest of the week. I doubt it though because the weather can change its course every now and then.

I wanted to go out and take photos because I have very photos of snow and the winter season. But I changed my mind. I thought it would be best to just stay home and keep warm until it is time to pick up my little one from the kindergarten. I have better things to do, like studying for my exams and blog and clean the house and do the laundry and press the clothes and, and, and... Yeah, I could go on forever so I'd better stop. =D

Hope your day is bright and sunny!

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