Friday, December 18, 2009

Mommy Moments: Favorite MM Entries

I really find it amazing that this meme, Mommy Moments, has been running for almost a year now. I admit I have not been able to post my Mommy Moments entries religiously but that does not mean that I do not enjoy doing it. Let me thank Chris, author of The Mommy Journey and the gracious host of this wonderful meme for initiating it. As mothers, we should all celebrate our motherhood and this meme has made that possible.

For this week's theme, we are to select three of our favorite Mommy Moments entries. Now that is a task tough considering I love every Mommy Moment that I wrote! But anyway, here are my top three picks:

Special Trips: Because we love to travel and I think that a mom's endurance is always being put to the test when on the road. You never know what will happen especially when you have a small child with you. And traveling is a great way for us to bond as a family and to spend quality time with each other.

That's My Favorite: Because everyday I spend with my little girl has allowed me to experience her likes and dislikes and get to know her better. Observing what she does on a daily basis has made me understand her better than anyone else could!

It's Daddy's Turn: Because as a Mom, I am grateful that she has a Dad. And I celebrate that reality. Not all children are fortunate enough to grow with their fathers by their side. And I just love to see the two most precious people in my life share a special bond that is only theirs.

How about you Mommy, what are your favorite MM entries? Come share it with us today!

mommy moments


Willa said...

The last photo, I love it! parang sila lang dalawa ang tao sa mundo. :D

nuts said...

i love the last photo.. ang sweet naman dad-daughter in that pic..

Chubskulit Rose said...

Great choice Kikamz, I love her with the panda bear...

A little late for my MM, but hope you could still peek. I broke the rule this time, find out why.

Marice said...

cool photos! my fave is the last one :)

u may view mine here

Ladynred said...

The second photo is too cute!

Chris said...

great picks! my fave is the last one ! :D its daddy's turn! :D

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