Thursday, December 3, 2009

Swineflu It Is... NOT!

I know I haven’t blogged since Thursday last week. There is a reason behind my silence and I know that you would all understand why. My apologies go especially to Niko, Mys, Chris and to all my loyal Couchers Hazel, Phebie, Grace, Bambie, Lulu, Shydub, Niko, Chris, Pehpot, Nuts, Shelo, Seiko, Dee, and Maritz for missing all the memes and for failing to host TCP this week and for not updating this blog. But if we are friends on FaceBook, you might have an idea why. Below is an account of what happened:

Samantha had been sick since last Thursday, Nov. 26. The fever was so sudden and that evening, we went to the emergency clinic in Ludwigsburg to have her checked. The initial diagnosis was that she might have a slight infection (her throat was a bit swollen and red) and she was given paracetamol suppository for the fever because she refuses to take oral medication. We brought her back home and she was still feverish during the night. I managed to get her to sleep at around 2am.

Friday we stayed home and continued with her medication. Her fever is still there even with the medicine. I tried to feed her but she refuses to eat. She is obviously hungry because she keeps on saying “ka! ka!” but she wouldn’t eat. I served porridge, soup, cut fruits, even bribed her with chocolates but to no avail. She doesn’t like to drink milk either and seldom drinks water. I am getting worried each day.

Saturday came and still, the fever hasn’t left. It subsided in the morning but in the afternoon, it came back with a vengeance at 39.2 deg. The paracetamol that I gave her previously no longer took effect. So we rushed to yet another emergency clinic, this time at the children’s hospital that afternoon. She ate some of the apple which I prepared to eat along the way and I thought it was good. When we got to the hospital, lots of sick children, some with the same symptoms as her, were waiting for their turn. The kind nurse said that we had to wait for an hour or so so that we can just come back later. So we went downstairs and waited at the cafeteria. She vomited all that she took in including the apples and what little fluid intake she had. I cleaned her up and after an hour, we went up again and our name was called. The doctor checked on her and his diagnosis: it could be the neue grippe or new flu, a term they used for swine-flu so that it won’t sound so alarming. The doctor prescribed additional medication for the pain and fever to supplement the Paracetamol. He also told me to make she gets enough fluids. We went back home again after buying her meds. Her fever has gradually subsided but our problem was that she was getting dehydrated. She refuses to eat AND drink. She managed to not throw up after drinking about 70mL of milk and was able to sleep at around 12MN.

Sunday came and her fever is gone. The problem: she keeps on vomiting and is showing signs of dehydration. Her nappy is dry, her skin is dry, and her poop is wet and smelled awful. So we decided to bring her to the emergency clinic in Ludwigsburg because it was nearer our place and not so busy. She drank some water before we left and even ate bread inside the car but she threw it all up when we reached the clinic. We were then promptly ushered into the check-up room and an emergency pedia came in. She did the usual routine check and also took a sample of sam’s blood so that they can decide whether she stays in the hospital or go home. The results came in after around 15minutes and because she was dehydrated, she had to stay for infusion. They also took fluid samples from her nose and mouth and took more blood samples to determine what is causing her infection. Then they hooked her to the IV after what seemed like a wrestling-match. It took four people to “take her down” because she was just too strong. I wondered where she got all the energy considering she had no food and fluid intake. I guess it was adrenaline working… After that, she was exhausted.

So now we are here at the hospital, “quarantined” so to speak. I am just glad she has now fluid supply in her body even if she only drinks a little. Her condition is improving. She ate some of the sandwich that the nurse gave me for dinner last night. And Samantha drank 110mL of her milk before she dozed off to sleep at 11pm. She didn’t throw up and that is enough to make me smile. I know that her angels and her Papa Jesus are watching over her and will protect and heal her. And she is healing. Thank God.

So now I finally managed to sit down, relax for a while and write (and save this for posting later on to my blog) while my daughter is sleeping soundly in her hospital bed. I am waiting for the pedia to do the rounds and instead of dreading about the results of the tests, I am hopeful that she will bring good news. And give Samantha a clean bill of health. That is what I pray. Amen.

Update: We are now back home. We just arrived last night. The doctor said it was only normal viral infection and nothing to worry about. Samantha is all well now. Thank God! Thanks for all the prayers too. The hospital charged nothing from us. Thanks to the health insurance that we have. And I guess children under 18 here in Germany enjoy free hospitalization, check-up and medications.


psycha said...

came to visit here with smiles

survivor mom said...

Good your daughter is okey now. and no swine flue.

Chris said...

so glad that sam is okay...
nothing makes a mom worry more than having sick kids...

have some rest now!

Kikit said...

it's good to know sam is well now. maski ako k, hadlok ug swine flu. :( many classes are cancelled because of that. :(

Clarissa said...

Glad to hear that Sam is okay now.Nakakatakot talaga ang swine flu!(T_T)

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