Tuesday, September 29, 2009

There'll Be Better Days

I have been following the news about the devastating typhoon Ondoy that struck Metro Manila a few days ago over CNN, the Internet and Facebook. The events were horrifying as they unfold. Blog posts of my blogger friends who were affected by Ondoy were heartbreaking. It made me sad to hear that so many lives were lost. Many families were left homeless and broken. Many dreams were destroyed.

It will take some time to rebuild. And I know it will be difficult. But I am amazed at how everyone has joined hand-in-hand to help. Even at these trying times, the Filipino's spirit is unbroken. I pray for honest governance, that all donations will REALLY reach the REAL victims. I hope that no more rain will come, that there will be no spread of typhoon-related diseases. And may we and the rest of the world continue to help.

If you want to help, you may send your donations to the following organizations:
Philippine National Red Cross via Paypal: give@redcross.org.ph
Ateneo Alumni Northeast, Inc. for those living in the USA: Typhoon Ondoy Relief Fund


Chris said...

its so heart breaking... :( but on the brighter side, I am finally seeing the Filipinos UNITED!

maritz said...

It's truly hearbreaking. God help us!

darly said...

oo nga kikamz, its just so heartbreaking the ordeal our kababayans back home are facing. Lord help us!!

niko said...

kamz, musta??? is sam ok already??

anyways, i have a tag for you! have a nice day!

mwah mwah

fedhz said...

Hi, Kikamz. uu nga eh. sana nga makarting ung money kung san dapat. may bagyo na naman parating. mamili kame ng delata at rechargeable light hehehe.

thanks nga pala sa link. na add na din kita. toinks. sensya na, mejo aning ang lola mo. dami gawa. wahaha.

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