Thursday, September 3, 2009

Car Shopping?

When we got here in Germany, finding new cars or just one for the family was hubby's first priority. This is because his office is a good 30-minute drive from where we live, and we need the mobility in terms of traveling and of course, God-forbid, emergencies. And so it is how it happened that we found our car, a BMW 320d series online.

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Enchie said...

nice car you have :D

niko said...

kamz i think its normal naman for sam to mumble a lot.. ganyan din si yena eh. ahead nmn si yena ng one month :D pero lately tlga kumakanta na si yena ng abcd, barney songs alone nakakatuwa kasi some words di nya mabigkas but the others like red orange and yellow.. she can say that na while singing :D

siguro sadyang slim lang si sam.. si yena kasi wlang tigil sa kain un eh.. nagmana sa ama ;)

ihhhhhh oo nga pla jog tau tom!! dali! heheh :)

Kikit said...

new cool car?! yay!

onlinemommy said...

Wow! A BMW! You have a great car :)

Btw, mommy, would it be possible for you to update Online Mommy's Corner link to

I also updated my badge, in case you feel to grab it;)

Thank you in advance. God bless!

woKey said...

wew BMW car

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