Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Photobook... I Wish!

Since the day I had Samantha, I have always wanted and meant to document all her milestones. I succeeded in taking photographs, taking note of the important dates and milestones, and recording videos. But I still haven't got around to making her a scrapbook or a photobook. She is now 18 months and I know that the more I delay making one, the more difficult it will be for me.

Here are a few of the layouts that I have come up with:

I just hope I will be able to start making layouts soon to add up to the collection! I will be using Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 because it is very versatile and I am already used to the commands and keys. However, I know I still have a lot to learn so that tutorials are always welcome. And I will need all the digiscrapping freebies that I can get my hands on, too! Anybody know of a website or a blog dedicated to digiscrapping? I welcome all your suggestions, recommendations and comments!

Thank you and please wish me luck!


fedhz said...

Hi, Kikamz! thanks for dropping by my blog. Anyway I have a good friend who is into digiscrapping and made a scrap blog. you'll find that she did improve. here's her site:

every now and then i ask her to make me a badge or banner because I know her skills and she even gets free kits and even buy one.

I know a site where you can have your photobook printed. will check it out and get back to you. I think it's worth $6 and sometimes they give a discount. They send it directly to your footsteps. ^^

Chris said...

have you tried artscow? they said its ok :)

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

sali ka sa photobook contest ko, you might be the lucky partcipant lol.. Know what, same here, dami na photos isnce birth pero di ko pa naaayos. Parang mas naging priority ko kasi blog nya lol 6 months Old Photobook pa lang nagawa ko.. When i was pregnant naman, handmade scrapbooking ang nahiligan ko, dami kasi goodies sa 100yen shop.

may alam ako digscrapping,

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