Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So It Was Talbots!

Remember that I was talking about Red Chair Confessions in one of my previous posts? The videos were indeed very intriguing that I kept thinking, "just what got this woman so hooked?" And more importantly, who were these videos from? Guess what? The big reveal is finally out and my, was I so surprised to find out to whom those videos were made for. At first I thought it were a campaign for a new movie about a person's addiction and obsessions but was I wrong!

Would you believe that is was from Talbots? Does the name ring a bell? Because it definitely did for me.

I can still clearly remember getting hold of their product catalog in my teenage years and the designs were elegant, classic and sophisticated, even expensive, made for the more mature, serious, successful and older people just like my Mom and aunts. I said to myself then, I would surely buy one when I am older and have a job of my own.

But if you check out the new Talbots today, you'd be in for a great surprise because it now has a a more fashionable and hip look, catering to the younger generation and they have made it more affordable too. I have always loved the classic look but I like the new styles even better because they have re-engineered it for a more chic and modern look.

Isn't the red cotton long-sleeved shirt with a dropped neck just gorgeous? You can find this and more great designs on their website. So please do check them out and tell me which item you fancy because I would love to know what you think.

Below is the latest reveal video from RedChairConfessions. It sure does make more sense now.


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