Saturday, September 12, 2009

Got Something To Confess?

Was there ever a time in your life when you felt that you needed to make a confession? To whom would you confess? Would you confess to a priest about your innermost secrets? Talk it out with a stranger? Or would you talk it out with a therapist? If you are unsure which one, then you better check out this site which chronicles a woman's confession. The Red Chair Confessions is a series of videos about a woman who confesses her heart out but never gets the chance to finish with her confession because she is always in a hurry.

She is passionate, she is driven, she is confident. And she has an addiction. At first, you may get the impression that she is someone who has discovered something that is pleasurable and exciting as in the first video, Forgive Me Father. Then she goes on to talk about something more sensual in the second video, Therapeutic. But it is not clear what she is talking about. What is her addiction? But the third video, which is a self-recorded one, reveals something more. She starts to confess, but she is still quite not done. She is, as always, in a hurry.

And I am hooked. I want to find out what she is talking about. What is the "IT"? I want to be right that she is more than a just a face, that she has discovered in herself that she is a woman of value, a woman who is empowered to do things and has rediscovered the beauty of doing something worthwhile.

Next week, they will reveal as to who these videos are from! And I just can't wait!

Still can't relate? Watch the video. Tell me what you think.


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