Monday, April 27, 2009

A Wonderful Gift

I was in the shower last Saturday morning when hubby came into the bathroom, all excited and happy and in his high-pitched voice said, "Kamz, makalakaw na si Sam! Makalakaw na si Sam!" I could really feel the utter joy when he said these words.

It was really a wonderful surprise for us because she never really did this before. She could stand on her own all right, but never did she try to take a few steps from the couch to the TV and back. She would always crawl. We even blogged here that she cannot walk yet... but a couple of hours later, she was wonderfully strutting her stuff! Her walk still looks wobbly but I am so proud of my baby!

She has indeed grown a lot since Day 1 and we are so thankful for this major achievement in her babyhood. And I am most thankful that hubby witnessed it first!


Kikit said...

hala! congrats kay sam! and good luck sad sa imo k. ingon sila mas kapoy daw bantayan ang baby pag makalakaw na. pero it’s another stage. so i believe you feel happier with this achievement. :)

Umma said...

Wow… congrats to baby Sam.. finally she made it.. next she will be strutting all over the house na mommy.

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