Monday, April 27, 2009

Frühlingsfest 2009

Spring is here and the Germans usually celebrate it with a Spring Festival. They call it Frühlingsfest, an annual beer festival and fair now on its 71st year, and here in Stuttgart it is celebrated from April 11th to May 3rd. We went there last Sunday, April 26th to have a feel of this German festivity.

The entrance to the 71st Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest.
It says "Warm Welcome!"

There were lots of attractions and rides including the Transformer, the Turbo Force, the Starflyer, the Höllenblitz, the Alpina Bahn (a family coaster ride), the WIldwasser Bahn (a coaster ride for the entire family), the Power Tower (a free fall ride), the Bellevue Riesenrad (ferris wheel), and the Wilde Maus. Food and drinks were also available anywhere the venue including the famous Almhüttendorf, a small "village" at the festival that depicts old alpine huts. As exciting and breathtaking as the rides were, we didn't take them yet since Sam is not old enough to ride them. But we did have lots of fun eating and drinking and strolling and playing some games.

Blue skies and warm weather: perfect for the festivities.

The Almhüttendorf

The Hollenblitz

The Wilde Maus and The Bellevue Riesenrad.

The Alpina Bahn

There were also games that you can play for a price. Hanhan played basketball and won Sam a cute Good Night teddy bear, which she lovingly hugged upon receiving it. The cost of playing at 2 tries, 5.00 Euro. The cost of seeing Sam so delighted and happy, PRICELESS!

Sam and her new teddy bear which Daddy won for her.


jona said...

As the popular quote says “The greatest things in life are those that can never be bought.”
thanks for the visit friend!

jona said...

sorry for that…i was about to say I have a tag for you

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