Thursday, April 30, 2009

To Drive or Not To Drive

That is the BIG question.

Last Saturday, we went to the indoor karting arena near our place for hubby's weekend round of karting. When we got there, the parking lot was empty. Instead of going directly to the karting arena, he convinced me to get behind the wheels and taught me the basics of driving. I resisted at the idea but he won in the end. Said that I should learn how to drive so that it will be easier for me to take Sam everywhere. I mustered enough courage to bring myself behind the wheel. I was all nervous and my hands were clammy. I was even sweating with the A/C on. It's as if I have developed this fear of driving due to my accident more than 20 years ago.

He gave me some intructions first. Which pedal to step on first, where to rest my left foot, and where the accelerator and brakes were. Then he taught me about the gears and how to turn the steering wheel. I am lucky enough to try driving for the first time in an Audi A4 Quattro, he said. I wonder why... He said it's the newest model there is for Audi A series. It's fully automatic, has a very good steering and has ESP. Well, I guess I'm lucky. It's not ours though. I wish it were. It was just rented out to us for 6 weeks until we can get our own ride.

Anyway, there I was, driving the car too slowly... I managed to make the run at 10 kph. Hehehe! I made several turns around the parking lot. And when I forgot to bring the steering wheel back to it's original, I suddenly stepped on the brakes in panic. I might smash the car into the steel post! Whack!

Oh yes, I was a nervous wreck behind the wheel but I survived it! I think I am not fit to drive though because I easily panic. And I realized how big a responsibility it is because the lives of your passengers are in your "able" hands. Now I understand why hubby would sometimes give me an angry look each time I startle him with my remarks when he drives.

I need more practice, hubby said. I should learn to drive a little before he sends me to driving school otherwise, it will be too expensive. Oh well, it wasn't really that hard. If only I could muster the courage and have the presence of mind. We'll see next time.


Enchie said...

Practice makes perfect. It happened to me too when I was still a newbie. Its an essential now. You can do it!

Kikit said...

Bike na lang muna K :)

valerie calvo-celeste said...

Don’t worry, everybody went through the same feeling, like i did..ehehehehe.

juliana said...

haha this is funny. I got reminded of my own “ninerbyos” story when I was learning to drive many years ago. grabe, ang pawis ko dahil umatras yung car sa flyover. paano traffic as usual sa manila, and it’s the stop and go kind of thing. eh natapat akong nag stop sa inclined position. I was driving a manual(stick) car. imbes na abante di ko ma-balance ang clutch and gas pedal. sobrang drama haha.

audi A4 is a powerful toy. sana your hubs demanded a car for his package na. when I was still working at Procter & gamble the expats would demand for cars too as part of the perk.

ria c said...

I had the same issues before when I was learning how to drive. I would even come to the point of almost “vomitting” because I was nervous. Later on, I just overcame the fears and the negatives thoughts I have associated with “driving.” Now, I guess I have morphed into one of those “road-ragers!” hahaha. I am not proud of it but it just happens.

Enjoy the process of learning. Just focus on the road and not on your fears. Be alert so your reflex will not be compromised. Believe me, once you learn how to drive, you’ll even thank yourself for learning. After that, you can just drive out of town, drive to the malls or take a leisure ride with your little Sam and see the wonderful sceneries of Germany. What fun!!!!

Hug Sam for me pls. Kelan pa kayo nakadating dyan sa Germany? Enjoy Spring in Europe and Happy Mother’s Day too!

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