Thursday, April 16, 2009

Farewells and Goodbyes

I am never good at saying goodbyes... and I never really say goodbye to people. I just thank them for everything that was and everything that has been. And hope that one day, we will see each other again.

Looking back through all those days, I didn't realize that in my almost two years of living in Japan, I have not only made a little family but I have also made a big family of friends. And these are real people who accepted me for the person that I am and there is never a dull moment with them. I am thankful for their presence for they have made living a life in a fast-paced country quite a relaxing experience. And in gratitude, we opened our home and doors to them one last time before we set sail for another journey in our lives in Germany. It was fun and I enjoyed every moment of it, including preparing the food by myself for a number of people, which I seldom do.

So enjoy these photos of those farewell days when we had great moments and great laughs with our friends in Japan.

With good friends Ate Agnes and Ate Anne of CTIC (Catholic Tokyo International Center).

Batch 1 guests. Friends from CTIC and Fuchu.

Samantha with the delos Santos sisters: Mama Sara (L) and Ate Bem (R)

Ang mapagbirong si Fr. Oscar Samson. We really had a great laugh with all his jokes.

Batch 2 Guests: Ang mga bisaya from Bukidnon, Leyte and Cebu.


Enchie said...

Sweet goodbyes, new beginnings. It will work perfectly fine…

Twinkie said...

Naku nakakatuwa at marami kayo naging friends sa Japan, I bet sa Germany, you’ll have lots too.

You know what? I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. Isa yan sa places to go list ko eh. :)

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