Friday, April 24, 2009

Discovering Stuttgart's City Center

One Saturday, the family went to the city center for an afternoon stroll. It was a fine day: the sun was shining brightly, the air was cool, the skies are clear - perfect indeed for a walk. We took the U-bahn (subway) from our place and rode for about 20 minutes and got off at Schlossplatz. We didn't buy train tickets going there because we didn't know how to buy it and how their system works. And we were able to get off the train without even being stopped by the station masters. Hehehe! It was quite different from the system in Japan.

We just got off the subway. Happy kasi di kami hinuli? Hehehe!

The Palace Square. It was once part of the ducal pleasure garden.

Because some of our stuff (mostly clothes and BOOKS) from Japan didn't arrive yet, we didn't exactly know what we are looking at or where we are, except for the name of the area. I was expecting high rise buildings and a concrete jungle at the city center but to my surprise, we were met with beautiful old buildings, a palace, large squares and parks. It was very charming... we were even walking on bricked or cobblestone alleys.

Behind us is the Collegiate Church (Stiftskirche),
Stuttgart's main Protestant Church and one of its landmarks.

There was a lot of activity going on: there were beer gardens and lots of people drinking beer everywhere, coffee shops and bistros with long lines of people, the square filled with children, teenagers, couples, families doing sorts of activities, etc., etc. There were even performers and artists at different points of the square.

A Hello Kitty balloon for Sam.

The Monument at Schiller Square.

I was wondering why there was such merriment on such an ordinary day. I guess that is how people spend their weekend here. It was quite fun and exciting and I can't wait to explore this new city with a rich architecture and history.

Amongst the Germans in busy Schiller Square.


bambie said...

omg nasa europe na kayo? Goodluck sa new environment nyo if ever. God bless =) **hugs to cutie Sam

valerie calvo-celeste said...

Hi Kaye,congrats to you and your family! When looking at your photos there in Germany, I remembered the chat we have about crossing countries. I am so happy to hear that the family is in Germany now. Sam is growing up so fast, such an adorable and happy baby.

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