Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Heart's Thanksgiving

I can't believe that I am now 29! I am almost on my third decade of living this life and I just wish I have done what my Creator wanted me to do and have become the person that I ought to be. One thing's for sure though: I am happy and contented with what I have. I am truly blessed with a beautiful family and have been to places I never even imagined I could reach at this age. Each day reminds me of what my Ate Shals used to say: "Malakas ako kay Lord." And I guess it is true.

I could list countless events in my life when my Lord has been my suffrage and strength. He has always been there for me and he has heard many of my prayers. So let this day be a thanksgiving for all the goodness, blessings, mercy and love that He has given me and my family all these years.

And here's a song that bares what's in my heart this day, this moment:

My Heart's Thanksgiving

May God bless me with more years of happiness and peace and love.


Twinkie said...

Many happy returns! Nice song. :)

Cookie said...

Happy happy birthday Kikamz!!! Bisan naaka sa Germany, I hope happy pa rin ang birthday celebration mo! Oo no, lakas kaayo ka ni Lord, haha! You have a beautiful family, you were able to see the other parts of the world and appreciate the beauty that God had created, love na love ka ni hubby ug naa kay guapa kaayo na baby. Haaay, unsa pa may kulang? hehe.

Wishing you more years to come. I’m really glad to have met you thru blogging kamz. I am also blessed to have a friend like you ;)

maxi velasco said...

hello. it’s my first time here in your pretty blog. and yes… tayong lahat naman, malakas kay Lord. hehe.

ako rin nga, i never imagined that i’ll be able to see wonderful places! tsaka, binigyan pa niya ako ng super bait na boyfriend.

good to know that you are blessed with a very loving family, too!!!

see you around!

maxi of and

Umma said...

happy birthday Kamz… takagang malakas ka kay Lord.. see? you have everything in life.. a beautiful family with loving husband and adorable Sam.. you hv food in the table.. and you hv jackets to wear during winter nights…

You are indeed so blessed.

Euroangel said...

happy to see yah around…yup God is always great!! we are thankful for all the blessings talaga…ingat always..sige lang baka magkita tayo..

stuttgart ka diba..medyo malayo kami dyan..sige God bless you and ur family always!!

juliana said...

belated happy birthday!

God bless.

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