Friday, December 10, 2010

Time to Change

Early last month, my husband went to the tire service center to have our summer tires replaced with winter tires. The cold season was fast approaching then and it is here to stay for four more months. He went to the usual service center where he purchased the tires and asked the mechanic to have our tires changed. And the mechanic jokingly said that changing our tires is a lot of work. 

Why? Because we don't have spare tire rims, which means that with every tire change, the technicians will also need to remove the rims from each tire and replace it to the other tires, reinstall the sensors and all the other technical stuff that technicians do when replacing tires.They would also need to perform wheel balancing and alignment after putting the tires back.

We will definitely be needing a new set of tire rims in the summer. That way, our tires won't need to undergo stress from all the pulling when the rims need to be removed and the technicians will have an easier job at replacing them. Hubby wants premium alloy for the rims and I know just where to find them - on the Internet, of course!

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