Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Missing My Long Hair

I had my hair cut short in the summer because it has grown too long and I have been having some hair fall problems. Now that it is winter and cold, I am starting to miss my hair. I wish I could grow it back as soon as possible while it's still winter time. Do you know of any hair care products that makes it possible for a faster hair growth? Oh yes, I want to get longer hair but I also don't want to have hair fall problems again. So I am taking precautions.

If you are having hair fall problems like me, try the following tips:

1. Eat protein-rich food like milk, egg whites and fish. Hair is made up of keratin, a kind of protein so the more protein you consume, the more hair you can grow. 

2. Don't let the fact that your hair is falling out stress you. Stress is one of the main causes of hair fall so just keep your cool and keep a calm mind.

3. Take biotin, Vitamins C, D, A and B and minerals like potassium. These are the best hair vitamins that will keep your tresses intact and strong. 

4. Smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeine are generally not good for your body. So if it is not good for your body, it must also be not good for your hair. 
5. Get a regular exercise so your body will sweat. Sweating helps clean and unclogs your hair pores. 

6. Avoid any rough treatment to the tresses. Unnecessary brushing, combing, heating or handling of your mane will weaken the hair at the root level and cause hair fall.
7. Cut off all split ends to allow your mane to grow healthy and to prevent further damage. A trim every eight weeks will be enough to stop the split ends from infecting other newly grown tresses.

8. Keep your hair moisturized by having a hot oil treatment once in a while. 

If these won't stop the hair fall, then there must be another reason why your hair is falling out. Then this is the best time to consult your physician.

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