Monday, May 23, 2011

Wooden House

I was browsing through a friend's photos of her "house on the hill" and find it really beautiful. The roof is made of cogon grass, the walls are massive and made of river stones. From afar, it looks very unique and blends well with the environment. I just know that it is a very comfortable place to live in so that I hope too that one day, we will be able to build our own home, designed to our liking and taste.

I would prefer something that will be made mainly of wood. The narra wood that Filipinos so loved, as well as other hard woods, will be perfect. But I know hard wood these days is difficult to come by, what with the dwindling forest reserves especially where I came from. It would also take some time before they can be used as you first need to saw them. It would take a lot of band saw blades to cut down logs according to your specifications. And of course, the cut wood will need to be dried and pre-treated to preserve it.

Should we opt for a wooden house, I know there will still be a long way to go. It will also be expensive too. But the comfort of living in a wooden house, especially if you live in the tropics is well worth it.

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