Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Toys for the Big Boys

I enjoy watching motor shows every now and then. Because my husband also has an interest in this line, I would tag along and watch car or motor shows with him, whether on TV or at exhibits. I guess it is normal for men to love cars. They even have the tendency to drool over them and if they can afford it, would like to have a collection or two.

I have never been to live races before but I know that they can be so thrilling and exciting, especially if the race is at night. There is just something about night races, with the car's head and tail lights beaming into the night. Have you ever seen those big cars driving off to the safari, with their off road led light bar as their guide? I have never been on a safari but knowing that something so bright is there to help navigate into the dark night surely could give you that sense of security and will help you feel at ease.

I guess there is just something about cars that give men that sense of power and masculinity. And if you have good wheels, you can always go a very long way.

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