Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grill Parties?!!! Ugh!!!

Summer is almost here. There's no denying that fact. With the summer comes the grill parties and as early as now, we already received some invitations for garden grill parties. Summer is the perfect time to go and hang out with friends at the park or at their backyard and just grill what is available to grill: meat, sausages, veggies, cheese, fish, even bread. And there are also summer parties scheduled, one with our Filipino Community with the Sto. Nino Group and another one at the university with my WASTE graduate program. So why am I complaining?

Although grill parties can be lots of fun, it also means that I would have an excuse to just eat and eat and eat. And that would not help with my plan to lose weight. I could of course find the easy way out and just look for weight loss pills that work and try them out. If I could have them in my possession, then I could eat barbeque and grilled goodies to my heart's content.  Of course, I have an option to just smell the aroma of slowly cooking barbeque and that's it but that's no fun, right?

Now, who's with me for a grill party?

1 comment:

Clarissa said...

Me!I'm with you dear!\(^0^)/
Ako naman nananaba na(T_T)

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