Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kusudama Origami

I am enjoying origami a lot, thanks to my little daughter who has given me a reason to learn this art of paper folding to keep her busy and entertained at the same time. Although I don't have a lot of time to devote to this art, the internet especially good old YouTube has made it possible for me to create some origami pieces that may be impossible for me to make if I only have a book as a reference.

So armed with YouTube videos, I tried making this Kusudama Origami. At first I thought it was easy but it took me a good deal of time to form the ball. I guess it took me over four hours to complete this one. Thankfully, we had a semestral break so I had some time in my hands. I thought at first that it was easy because it looked easy on the step-by-step video but I was wrong. I even cheated on this one because I glued some of the pieces together in order for it not to fall apart. Bwahaha! Bad me! But doing origami is fun. If you are interested in this art of paper folding, you can always start with the basics. Just type origami on YouTube and hit search and you will find lots of good stuff there. Art has always been something therapeutic for me and whenever I find the time, I always seem to find myself doing something artsy.

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