Friday, May 6, 2011

Investing In A New Home

For our future's and children's sake, we are planning to invest in a new home that we can really call our own. Whether that home will be in our hometown in the Philippines or here in Germany, we still don't know yet. All we know that we need to first save up enough money to buy a lot where the house will be built.

I have always wanted to build our own home of my own design. By heart, I am fond of designing and always have an inclination towards interior design. I would find myself poring over various home designs from home magazines and the Internet so that I generally have an idea of what I want for our own home.

Of course it should come with a big backyard or porch where we can do family gatherings. It will definitely come with the essential outdoor lighting to set the mood and to provide light during night time.

Having seen and lived in two foreign countries and experiencing two very distinct cultures has also given me an idea on how to optimize the space, make every room functional and all those stuff.

So I guess now, what we need to do is save hard. So that soon, we may have fulfilled our dream of having our very own home sweet home. Besides, renting forever will only make the landlords richer.

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