Friday, May 6, 2011


My parents have decided to relocate in my father's hometown in Southern Leyte. My father got an early retirement and it is perhaps because of boredom and the lack of better things to do that they decided to uproot and live somewhere else. Both of my parents are now officially "senior citizens" and are living a new life on their own at a small village in Leyte.

I wonder how they are doing right now. I can only communicate with them through SMS or by calling them since there is no internet in their area. I wonder if they have any sort Medicare plan so that they would get immediate medical attention and care should they need it. I am also worried about the house where they are living because my mom mentioned that they are still repairing it. I hope that they are both doing fine.

My parents have both been used to living city life that I am worried that they might have a hard time adjusting to provincial life again. I know that provincial life is very simple but there are just some conveniences that they might find amiss there. I am especially worried for my mom because of her arthritis. I hope both of them are faring well...

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Anonymous said...

i wish them well too, dear. I miss them around here.

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