Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some Thoughts About My Week

It has been a crazy week! The days seem to fly by so fast and what do you know? It is already the middle of May. And yet, there still is a lot be done... like updating blogs, writing your paper, working on your group exercises at school, potty train your child, press the laundry. Sometimes, when you are so absorbed in your day to day activities, you can easily forget about one essential thing: taking care of yourself. In the end you up stressed out and burned out.

So last Sunday, to unwind a bit before preparing for another hectic week, we decided to look around Schlossplatz after the Sunday services. It was after all, the last day of the International Animated Film Festival and the culmination of the celebration for 125 years since cars were discovered. There were lots of cool cars and new green technology on exhibit and there were also many giveaways for the little ones. Of course, because it is related to the car industry, insurance companies who sell reasonable and cheap car insurance were also there.

It was a really nice Sunday and after doing our rounds around the exhibits, we on the grass for a while to eat our afternoon snacks of saugage with bread and cold softdrinks. Our little girl enjoyed the sun and the fact that she is confined at home. Later that day, we all went home a little bit exhausted because of the heat but rejuvenated. Getting your mind off things, even for just a while, helps a lot to keep you going and keep you sane for the rest of the week.

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