Friday, May 27, 2011

GT: Latest Summer Fun

Summer is almost here on my side of the planet and I am excited for our next summer getaway. We have decided to do it differently... Instead of going to another country or to another city for sightseeing, we decided to just stay put in one place and enjoy lazy mornings, take strolls, play with sun and sand. We decided to just relax and stay at one of the camping "resorts" that is specially created with kids in mind.

I am talking about Eurocamp's Südsee Camp somewhere near Hamburg. We will be going there during our Pfingstferien and we plan to stay for four nights. I have already booked for it a few weeks ago and now there is no turning back. I hope we will be able to really relax and have fun during our trip. I still need to have our camera fixed since it is not working. There is something wrong with it. Our vacation will not be complete without it. How can one preserve memories without cameras, right?

Here's hoping that we will all have fun, especially my little girl. I am sure she will enjoy swimming and running around the camping area and playing in the playground. Perhaps we can also go on a side trip to Hamburg if time permits.

Girls Talk


kim said...

wow! that's an AWESOME place!

care to visit MY ENTRY?

Beauty Queen Gene said...

post pictures of the trip marce ha? i'm sure sam will enjoy it, lalo na you're all together :)

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