Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TCP#88: Raising Helen

Hello Couchers! I am so sorry for being so late in posting today. Many thanks still to those of you who waited patiently for this week's theme to be posted. Today's movie theme is "Catwalk: It's All About Fashion" so if you know of an interesting movie that perks up your interest in Fashion, then come and join us this week here on Tuesday Couch Potatoes.

My Fashion Movie pick will be Raising Helen, starring Kate Hudson as the glamorous and carefree aunt whose life suddenly changed when she was named guardian of her sister's three children: 15-year-old Audrey, 10-year-old Henry, and 5-year-old Sarah. I really enjoyed watching this movie as it is very heartwarming and Helen had a lot of realizations in the end. It is funny, it is sweet, it is good movie to watch with friends, sisters and (bigger) nephews and nieces. I loved the fact that she chose her three new loves instead of the career that she loves.

Here's the movie trailer:

What's your FASHION MOVIE? Come and share it with us here on Tuesday Couch Potatoes by entering your entry's URL in the linky below:

Thank you for joining us this week here on Tuesday Couch Potatoes. Next week, our movies will still have to do with Fashion as we feature movies with the theme: "ICONIC HATS". Hope to see you next time Couchers! Have a good week and a Happy TCP!


genny said...

thanks for this post...i will try to look for this movie soon. mine is up here:

Jona said...

i think this is a funny good movie :D

anne said...

Ay this one is very beautiful and I always like kate hudson.

Earth said...

hmmm.. i haven't seen this one, sounds really good, though.. hope you'll visit MINE..

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