Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Accidents Always Happen

My little girl is still on her toilet training. I guess she has improved in the span of two weeks. Her teacher is even proud of her progress and told me that she can go to the toilet by herself. And it is something that I am really proud of, as a mom. Even here at home, she would tell us if she wants to go to the toilet. She needs help because the toilet seat here at home is a bit high and so she cannot climb it by herself.

She can also tell if she is about to pee or about to poo because she would alert us. But sometimes, accidents can still happen. She can already tell if she is about to pee but sometimes, it is too late and she has already peed in her pants. Just like yesterday when we were eating at this bake shoppe. She told me she wants to go to the toilet and she had that desperate look on her face.. And all of a sudden, her pants are wet. She is of course afraid because we were at a public place. Good thing though because the place was not packed and nobody noticed, except of course me and her. It was also a good thing that I brought an extra set of clothes.

She is still not yet 100% off the diapers as she still wears them when it is time to go to bed. At her age, she will still have the tendency to pee in her sleep. But I know it will only be a matter of time until she will be totally free of diapers.

Way to go Sam!

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